Most GopherBalls Ever In A Season

Hall of Fame Knuckleballer Bert Blyleven (430 Career GBs) holds the single season record for most home runs given up by a pitcher. Blyleven tossed up 50 blasts in 1986 while with the Minnesota Twins. [Hr Log]

Most GopherBalls Ever In A Career

Jamie Moyer (Cubs, Mariners, Phillies, etc) is the current leader in GopherBalls given up at 522. He passed Hall of Famer Robin Roberts (505 GBs) on June 27, 2010 in Philadelphia against Toronto’s Vernon Wells. [hr-log]

Active GopherBalls Leaders

CC Sabathia (355 GBs) is the current active leader. He’s followed by Ervin Santana (316 GBs) and Cole Hamels (293 GBs). Sabathia would need need to average giving up 25 home runs per year for the next 7 seven seasons to pass Moyer. Moyer’s lead is probably safe for a very long time. Unless Bartolo Colon (439 GBs) comes back and gets signed and tries to pitch to 50. Still it would require pitching the 4 more seasons averaging 20.75 GBs per season.

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