NL Home Run Leader Braves Justin Upton Crushes One

The Atlanta Braves haven’t lost a game this season. Well to any other team except for the Phillies. Home runs have been the key to their season so far leading the majors with 25 helping their 12-1 record.

New acquisition, Justin Upton, has been driving the dinger effort with 8 homers of his own. (We’ll ignore the season his brother is having for now.) Last night, Upton helped extend the Braves lead in the 8th with his 8th homer of the young season.


 Around the League

There were 25 home runs last night. Colorado Rockies Carlos Gonzalez hit the longest at 446 feet, according to hittrackeronline. Kansas City Royals Kelvin Herrera was tagged for three gopherballs last night.  Ouch.

Oh Just your Everyday Run of the Mill Triple Play

So I wasn’t sure when I started this blog this season how much of the Absurd we’d get to see. Sure you’ll get 8 to 12 home runs a night. We’ll cover that for sure. But where will the craziness show up? Ballgirls making defensive stabs, maybe a bro catching a ball with his beer and then chugging it or a broadcaster trying out gigantic stadium food.

Well, we’re going to get to all of these things. How about we stick to something on the field of play. Something if you are scoring at home and we know you are all scoring the game on your iPad scorecard application. Well this triple play can be scored: 4-6-5-6-5-3-4.

Fairly routine right? 4-6-5-6-5-3-4 is a lotto number not a baseball play.

Its just another day in the theater of the absurd.

Chris Davis Launches Fenway Bomb

While most of the drama last night was focused on bean balls and collarbones, one of the bright stories of the new baseball season is Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles. He hit his AL leading 6th home run (tied with Michael Morse) last night against the Boston Red Sox in Fenway to get the O’s on the board in their 3-2 victory. This win was fueled by Adam Jones 2-RBI night and knotted them into a tie for first place in the AL East.

Davis’ homer can be seen here, since i’m having trouble with the embed code from Or you can copy the link below

There were 8 homers last night in MLB. The longest was from Athletics Yoenis Cespedes 436 foot bomb in Anaheim, served up by Sean Burnett. It was Cespedes’ third dinger of the season.

Domonic Brown Destroys Baseball

Domonic Brown hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm yet. In Philadelphia, folks are trying to figure out whether he’s a Ron Jones or a Von Hayes or a Bobby Abreu.

Maybe he’ll be a Dom Brown. Watch him just murder a baseball. Couresy of

Here’s the link to the “moon shot”:

This is the reason gopherballs was invented.